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It has always been and shall continue to be the policy of American Classic Toy, Inc to set the highest possible safety standards for its products. In doing so, we manufacture all products in full compliance with U. S. Safety Standards and European Safety Standards, the highest standards in the world today.

Additionally, American Classic Toy products do not contain any lead-based paint and in fact utilize no paint under current manufacturing practices. We do not employ small magnets and do provide proper warnings where pertinent. In 2007 we began the practice of placing Safety First! Stickers on our products.

American Classic Toy, Inc wholeheartedly advocates the current climate of increased public interest in product safety. In support of such interest, it shall now be our practice to place safety labels like this on all products and incorporate corresponding text on new packaging:

Safety First Sticker

We shall also post independent laboratory certifications on our website, and, therefore, any member of the public may read and review the corresponding product safety testing results.

We take this matter very seriously.

American Classic Toy, Inc.

Jay Horowitz

These are the current products for which we have safety certificates:

American Classic Derby
Sudoku Cube,
SudokuCube Keychain ,
Word Cube

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"Safety First!" In the News

In late 2007 American Classic Toys (ACT) began instituting a new procedure:
placing testing stickers on all of its toys, certifying that the products do not contain lead-based paint.
The sticker is bright orange with bold black type that reads:

Safety First!
No lead-based paint
No paint used
Certified for Child Safety
Independent Laboratory Certificates
available on our Website

Each product from now on will be screened by
global inspection, verification, testing, and certification laboratories.

Introduction of the safety sticker was reported by
Kidscreen Online on 3 October 2007.


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