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SUDOKU Puzzles

SUDOKU Cube Deluxe :: Sudoku Cube Deluxe Keychain

If you like Sudoku, you'll love Sudoku Cube! It features billions of combinations - with only one solution. Solve 18 different Sudoku puzzles simultaneously on the cube. There are six vertical across three sides (3 + 3 + 3), six horizontal across three sides and six regional - one on each side. American Classic Toy's Sudoku Cube package includes a Sudoku Cube and an instruction booklet with solutions, the history of Sudoku, and 50 new 2-D Sudoku puzzles.

Although the name Sudoku is a Japanese acronym, the puzzle was invented in the United States. It was anonymously designed by Howard Garns, a retired architect who after specializing in the construction of buildings, concentrated on the construction of puzzles. Dell Magazines first published the puzzle under the name Number Place in 1979.
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Sudoku Cube

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