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"Celebrating the Life of Evel Knievel"

October 17, 1938 - November 30, 2007

"Happy Landings" was Evel Knievel's
signature trademark referring to safety.

celebrates the exciting life of The World’s Greatest Daredevil.
Evel Knievel explained that to jump, he would: “line up a Take-Off Ramp and a Landing Ramp. On Evel’s suggestion, we include the adjustable ramps in the red, white and blue as he had decorated them. The Take-Off Ramp had a guide in the center as if aiming through the sights of a rifle. This would direct Evel toward the X in the center of the Landing Ramp. If off the center mark by even a few inches, the line of flight to the Landing X could be distorted, creating immense danger.
Evel said that of paramount importance in all jumps was the ”Landing”.
The “Last of the Gladiators” would sign autographs on his personalized cards with embossed artwork of a golden warrior on a motorcycle as “Happy Landings!” referring to safety.
This Tribute set takes its name from that signature.
And now in the immortal words of Evel Knievel, we wish you:
Happy Landings!

Evel Knievel signature
Order #04078

Includes Special Edition made from original toy molds:
Evel Knievel posable action figure
Helmet, Belt, Cane, Cape
Motorcycle Stunt Cycle in image of Evel's last cycle
Brick Wall and Hoop of Fire
Launcher with a Take-Off and Landing Ramps
17 Official Evel Knievel Tools with Tool Box
Booklet with Evel's Biography, Information, Photographs
Evel Knievel DVD
Resized Replica of Actual Signature Card
Autographed 8" x 10" Photograph of Evel Knievel
Memorial Services Program

Each Set is individually numbered and has a Certificate of Authenticity


Buy for $99.99!



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Evel Knievel Happy Landings!


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