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Golden Knight

Evel Knievel Assortment
Mini Evel Knievel and Stunt Bike :: Super Stunt Cycle :: Friction Powered Stunt Cycle
Stunt & Jump :: Stunt with Hoop of Fire :: Deluxe Daredevil Stunt Set
Evel Knievel Happy Landings!



Here's where it all started—
Evel Knievel, King of the Stuntmen, and his motorcycle
that does all the great tricks Evel made famous.


. . . . . . . .


Slip the cycle into the energizer . . . wind it up and up . . . and suddenly
Evel is off and away, racing 100 feet or more while he puts his bike
through its daredevil paces, jumps, flips, and wheelies.
Never one to sit down on the job,
Evel would rather stand on the seat or do a handstand on the handle-bars.
If Evel crashes,
a shock-absorbing front fork helps keep him and his cycle out of trouble.
The one and only Evel,
7" high, dressed for speed in his official uniform with removable helmet.
Evel Knievel figure and Energizer
Ages 5 and up


Evel Knievel signature

Order #04060


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